The project was created in cooperation with the traditional company TON and craftsmen in Bohemian Forrest.
The thought was to preserve the traditional spirit of TON´s DNA, Czech craftsmanship and combine it with the danish minimalist attitude to design.

The inspiration for my master project was the model IRONICA, one of the TON´s bestsellers for decades. The chair has very typical pure lines and it is made from beach wood with hand-smoothed bars holding the bent backrest. The shape of the wooden chairs is the result of the rediscovery of a special manual wood-bending technique that has been maintained by the Czech collaborative partner TON. By developing the signature bending technique I pushed the shape  of bended chairs and tried to move the features of this unique technique further more.

The Fénix collection is consisted of a chair, an armchair and a bar stool. By special surface treatment every single chair is an original piece of Bohemian craftsmanship. Two pieces of the collection are burned by a flame in a gradient to create a link to craftsmen, specifically a blacksmith. The light beech wood and burned coal creates together very strong contrast, yet through a gradient among it meets in an unique connection.




During every project I try to be part of the whole process from very beggining till the end of the project. I believe that is the way how to understand the techniques, materials and procedures necessary for successfull manufacture of any product. I learned how to make chairs from the scratch, so I managed to manufacture The Fénix collection in the workshop.